VANS was established in 1990 as the first private film company in former Yugoslavia. At the beginning a video distributor ("The Third Man", "The Deer Hunter"...), and soon afterwards a cinema distributor ("Cyrano de Bergerac", "City Slickers", "Crying Game", "Caro Diario"...), VANS completed its first production in 1991 – “Tango Argentino” by Goran Paskaljević.

We continued with film production and up now we have done: "Bolje od bekstva" (“Better than Escape”), "Vizantijsko plavo" (“Byzantine Blue”), “Božićna pesma” (“Christmas Song”), “Bure baruta” (“Powder Keg” in Europe, “Cabaret Balkan” in USA), "Bumerang" (“Boomerang”), "Lavirint" (“Labyrinth”), “Profesionalac” (“The Professional”), "Nije kraj" "Will not end there", "72 dana" "72 days", "Inercija prošlosti" ("Inertia of the past") , “Kapitalizam” (“Capitalism”), "Šarenilo sive mase" ("Many Colours of the Grey Mass"), "Portret umetnika: Milčo Mančevski" ("Portrait of an Artist: Milcho Manchevski") and "Avantura mozga" ("Adventure of the Mind").

Films that we produced were screened and awarded on many prestigious World film festivals, and most interesting is the fact that “Profesionalac” (15 awards) is one of the recorder among the films produced in Ex-Yugoslavia ever..

At the same time, as a distributor of Yugoslav films ("Tito i ja"- “Tito and I” , "Mi nismo anđeli” – “We are not Angels” , "Underground" - “Underground”, "Tuđa Amerika"- “Their America”, “Belo odelo” - White Suit , “Nebeska udica” – “Sky Hook”, "Nataša", "TT Sindrom"…) ... VANS greatly contributed to the breakthrough of these films onto the market at home and abroad.

Since 1996, VANS became a distributor for United International Pictures, so the public in Serbia got the opportunity to see a great number of Major’s films: "Mission Impossible", "The Lost World", "Prince of Egypt", “Babe”, “Truman Show”, "Shakespeare in Love",“Saving Private Ryan”, "Gladiator", "American Beauty", "A Beautiful Mind", … ,few 007 films.

We worked on theatre production as well, where we achieved similar results. Three theatre plays – three hits, "Burn me", "Noises Off" and "The Lady of the Camellias".

Except film and theatre production, we worked on music production – we produced two music albums – the band “Smak” and Radomir Mihajlovic Tocak.

We did not neglect any segment of film bussiness, so we had under our control several cinemas in Belgrade – Dvorana Kulturnog centra DKC, Akademija 28 (with three rooms for projections) and Scena Masleša  – as well as few cinemas in the country.

VANS has been managed by Dejan Vražalić, who has been its director since 1990.